Miller Tool & Die of Mayville, Wisconsin Miller Tool & Die of Mayville, Wisconsin
Miller Tool and Die - Modern Stamping Dies, Equipment, Sofware - Progressive Dies, Draw Dies, Form Dies Miller Tool & Die does work on all types of dies. These being Progressive Dies, Forming Dies, and Draw Dies. We have some of the most modern equipment to expedite your tooling needs and meet your specifications. Miller Tool & Die has a done work for some of the biggest names in industry. At Miller Tool and Die our engineering staff includes full time tool and die designers committed to quality and service that allows us to give more value to our customers. Two employees of Miller Tool & Die received a United States Patent. Miller Tool & Die has broad rage of experience in producing dies for many products. These include parts used in marine, lawn & garden, off-road vehicles, electric motors, air-conditioners, washers, dryers, computers, microwave ovens, generators, ranges, and many more. Miller Tool & Die is located in Mayville, Wisconsin. Mayville is centered between Milwaukee, Madison, and Oshkosh. It is about a 45 minute drive to each location.
Designing and building a worthwhile stamping die requires hard work, skill, experience and expert use of the design and tool room equipment, plus the time needed to do a good job.
Miller Tool & Die has a collection of modern stamping dies, equipment, and software. We have over 30 years of experience building various stamping dies to complete anything from small to complicated jobs.
AUTOCAD Release 2008 Software Stations
800 Ton Williams White Hydraulic Press 60" x 72" Bolster w/Cushion Pad
2003 EDM Submersible Electrical Discharge Machine by Mitsubishi Model No. Fav20 Vertical Axis 12" X-Y Axis 14" x 20"
OKK MVC-1060 Vertical Machining Center w/Mitsubishi controls 84" X-Axis 42" Y-Axis 30" Z-Axis
Quality is commitment! It is the determination to perform the hundreds of small tasks as precisely as the few major ones. It is ingrained in the company president, the tool & die maker, the machinist, the secretary, and the janitor. It is meeting the customer requirements 100%. Quality is part of the culture of Miller Tool & Die Co.

Marc Trott - President of Miller Tool & Die

Progressive Dies - Bending, Blanking,
Coining, Countersinks, Cut-offs, Drawing,
Extruded Holes, Flanges, Forming, Hems,
LanceTab, Piercing, Shear Form,Stretch Forming,
Stiffening Rib-Embossed
Draw Dies - In Metal forming-Drawing is the
stretching/compressing of a sheet metal part in
a die over a draw horn to create a three
dimensional enclosed shape. (one side open)
Form Dies - Specialty Hydraulic Machines
Miller Tool & Die Co., Inc. is located in Mayville, Wisconsin. | 791 Fourth St. Mayville, WI 53050 | (920) 387-4040